*Utility Right-of-Way Vegetation Control

Florence Landscaping is a pioneer and professional leader in selective vegetation management on utility rights-of-way.

Our philosophy is to fulfill the requirements of state and federal regulations through the environmentally responsible application of Integrated Vegetation Management.

Our goal and objectives on a utility right-of-way are the maintenance and stabilization of early-succession (low growing) ecological communities that compete with tall vegetation; maintaining diverse vegetation communities below economically damaging heights to ensure the safe delivery of energy products.


A desirable side effect of these methods is much needed open land habitat that benefits a wide range of wildlife—including many threatened or endangered animals, amphibians, insects and plants. These rights-of-way are excellent homes, breeding grounds, nurseries and food sources for the wildlife species our crews regularly come across including deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, songbirds and other foragers, eagles, owls and hawks.

The end result of a well maintained right-of-way is a landscape that benefits the utilities, its customers, the public-at-large and the environment.





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